Content and Landing Pages for SEO


There are a lot of variables that play a specific role in the whole equation for SEO. Yet most of the easily forgotten ones are the most important ones.

Actually having content and a landing page is so important these days. If you don’t have these two, you better have a really good traction and retention in the minds of your potential customers in order for you to survive the digital world.

Content has been talked about countless of times on millions of websites all over since digital marketing has been invented. But what most posts out there forget are the various kinds of it that can still pass as “content”. Videos and imagery are also considered as content. Just as long as these things still convey information that people are actually and actively looking for.

There is a reason why YouTube and Pinterest are big sites and can easily rule over the search results. Incorporating that to your own site is therefore the act of maximizing the potential of your website and your business’ performance in general.

But at the same time, that’s the point. No matter how cool your videos and images are, in the end, you will need to have texts to accompany all of it. Most especially if your niche has nothing to do with fancy imagery or videos.

Content that’s related to the kinds of keywords you are targeting is deeply important. Basically, you can never rank on a keyword like Battery Charging Devices if in the first place you do not have content that’s talks about this thing. The chances of you getting to rank on a certain keyword completely goes down further if you do not even have a landing page that can carry all these contents and keywords.

On mobile, having to load extra pages can take time. Not unless a website has a mobile version that can load quickly enough. Though you may think that having just one page for all of the services and other things like the about us page is okay so that all of the traffic is just going in one place, it still isn’t the best idea to go by.

One problem may stem from all of the content being jumbled up in one page instead of them being spread out to a number of pages.

Imagine if you had a number of services:

Motorcycle Insurance
Car Insurance
Property Insurance

These three things are all related to a specific service. However, at the same time, these are describing three different things.

So if your website has no specific page for each of these examples, all of the contents and relevance will all be jumbled up on a single page. Assuming of course if you are just utilizing just a single page on your website. Which seems to be a growing trend lately.

We are basically telling you that that’s fine on mobile, but not on desktop.

On the other hand, over doing this is also bad. Adding too many pages and too much content just for the sake of having them is not the way to go. The idea here is that for you to only add what is necessary. For the examples above, all you will need is an additional three pages on your website and you’re on your way to having a more suitable and competitive website that can go head to head on search.

Search engine opimisation that can provide these types of things can greatly give your business the type of boost you might be looking for. All of the technical elements that can be seen on a website much like the robots.txt and sitemap.xml as well as all of the taggings and the quick mobile and desktop loading speed means nothing if these two elements aren’t around in the first place.