GIF Marketing: Is It Effective?

Videos, infographics, articles are the most commonly used content marketing assets. But did you know that you could also use GIFs for digital marketing?


GIF marketing is a highly effective strategy for engaging with your target audience. With this type of marketing strategy, you will use GIFs, which are similar to videos in the sense that they demonstrate moving pictures.


However, GIFs are more compact and only last a few seconds. You can use GIFs for your digital marketing strategy to showcase quality content in a bite-sized format.



What Are GIFs?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, a type of image format that supports up to 8 bits per pixel. A single GIF can use a palette of up to 256 colours.


GIFs first came out in 1987, thanks to Steve Wilhite who wanted to use animated images without compromising the file size. Back then, GIFs were only available in black and white colours.


Nowadays, GIFs have grown immensely popular, especially with the inception of Internet memes. You can even play GIFs in infinite loops, complete with fully realised colour schemes and animations.


While most people use GIFs for fun, you can also utilise them for digital marketing, content marketing, and SEO. Optimise your GIFs to make your website and content more searchable on search engines.



How To Use GIFs For Digital Marketing?

How To Use GIFS for Digital Marketing


Brands have been using GIFs for quite some time, and it has benefitted their marketing in many ways. You can use a GIF to set a comedic tone for your brand voice and make your articles more engaging.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to GIF marketing. Here are some digital marketing strategies for using GIFs to boost your conversion rates.


1. Create Your Very Own GIF

Creating your very own GIF is simple. You can use a GIF maker app to upload images and create custom GIFs. Some apps even have the options to add unique effects, backgrounds, and filters.


The most popular GIF app is GIPHY. Try starting there if you have little to no experience in creating GIFs. If you want to choose from pre-existing GIFS, the app will also let you do so.


2. Establish Your Personality

Having a distinctive personality is an excellent way to attract customers and stand out against your competitors. Fortunately, GIFs are the perfect content assets for showcasing a unique and relatable persona for your brand.


If you want to establish a humorous tone for your brand voice and personality, try using popular GIFs from the latest trends and pop culture phenomena. But first, research your target audience to find out if your GIFs will resonate with your customers. Using the wrong GIFs might not connect well with your customers, depending on their interests and sense of humour.


3. Showcase Your Products

Similar to videos, you can use GIFs to demonstrate your products and promote their highest selling points. You could even replace your product images with GIFs to attract even more attention and increase engagement.


Consider using GIFs to showcase your products in a fun way that will grab your customer’s attention. Well-crafted GIFs are more appealing than simple, static images, so customise the perfect GIF for your products to attract more customers.



3 Reasons To Use GIFs For Digital Marketing

Reasons To Use GIFS For Digital Marketing


GIF marketing works best for social media, specifically on platforms where most of your target audience are actively engaging with quality content in real-time. With the right GIF, you can appeal to your target audience and reach potential customers more effectively.


When it comes to social media marketing, GIFs are some of the best assets at your disposal. GIFs can affect many aspects of your social media marketing strategy, including your:


  • Brand voice
  • Brand awareness
  • Product promotions
  • Customer retention
  • Customer engagement


GIF marketing can also benefit your business in many ways. Here are some of the reasons to use GIFs for marketing.


1. GIFs Are More Appealing Than Images

High-quality images are still essential for content marketing. Nonetheless, you also have to consider other types of content, such as GIFs and videos, to make your social media posts more engaging.


Compared to images, GIFs are usually more appealing than images, especially on social media. Incorporate your content with a combination of GIFs, pictures, and videos to increase your level of social media engagement.


2. GIFs Are Cheaper Than Videos

Another reason why many marketers use GIFs is that they are cheaper and easier to make than videos. As long as you have a GIF maker app, you can create your very own GIFs that will cost little to no money at all.


3. Tell A Short Story

Most importantly, you can utilise GIFs to tell a short story in a matter of seconds. Storytelling is an effective marketing strategy when done right. Videos are powerful marketing assets, but some consumers do not have enough time to watch them. Instead, try using GIFs to send a message clearly and quickly.




Use more GIFs for digital marketing! In doing so, you can appeal to a specific audience and establish your brand voice more effectively. Get in touch with a digital marketing agency if you need help incorporating GIFs with your marketing strategies.


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