4 Facebook Live Video Tips For Businesses

Facebook launched “Facebook Live” in April 2016. Since then, millions of people have been using Facebook Live to engage with others straight through their mobile devices.


Facebook Live is one of the leading social media platform’s popular features for many good reasons. For starters, compared to traditional videos, Facebook Live videos can be three times more effective in engaging with users.


Integrating live videos with your Facebook marketing campaign is an excellent way to increase your level of customer engagement. You can record anything in real time and post it on Facebook to interact with hundreds of social media users.


However, even though Facebook Live is simple and easy to use, you need to understand how Facebook Live works, including knowing how to broadcast your videos and analyzing each video’s performance.



How To Use Facebook Live For Social Media Marketing

How To Use Facebook Live For Social Media Marketing


1. Research Your Target Audience

Knowing your audience is a vital aspect of digital marketing. By understanding your target audience, you can create high-quality content to attract attention from hundreds of social media users.


Fortunately, there are many ways to gather valuable customer information. You can start by collecting data from your Facebook followers by using Facebook Analytics, a tool for optimizing your business page and researching your audience.


Another excellent way to understand your audience is by crowdsourcing on Facebook. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to make polls and surveys. Use them to your advantage by asking relevant questions on Facebook or Twitter. Ask what your followers think about live videos to gain a better understanding of your target audience.


2. Promote Your Video Before Posting

Most live videos gain hundreds and thousands of views because they give people a sense of urgency to watch while the event is taking place. However, posting just any live video is not a guaranteed way to get views. First, you need to make sure people will flock to your live video by promoting it beforehand.


Generating interest is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Give your audience a reason to be interested in your live videos so you can garner tons of viewers.


For instance, you can host an online event and post live videos for marketing purposes. Facebook will let you manage a live event that will remind your followers about the time and date it should take place. Announce your live video to your audience to spark interest and attract potential views.


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However, when promoting your live videos, do not post the same announcements or reminders over and over again, or else you’ll annoy your Facebook followers and potentially lose viewers in the process. Instead, share relevant information about your live video or event, with each post revealing something new after each announcement.


Also, Facebook is not the only viable platform for promoting your live videos. Try using other social media sites or apps as well, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more. Doing so should help you reach more followers to increase your number of views.


3. Interact With Your Viewers

Facebook Live is the perfect social media marketing tool for interacting with your audience in real time. Use it to your advantage by staying active and monitoring your performance as viewers comment on your live video.


The real-time responses and interactions are why Facebook Live is an excellent addition to an already fantastic social media marketing platform. Give your audience a warm welcome by encouraging them to comment and ask any question.


For example, you could host an interview with a well-known expert in your field to tackle relevant topics and questions. While the interview takes place, you can persuade viewers to ask questions as your guest provides accurate and sufficient answers. Along the way, you can acknowledge your viewers and let them know that you are aware of their genuine concerns and comments.


4. Analyze Your Performance

Monitor your live video while it is in session to know how many people are watching your event. Also, be on the lookout for comments that may affect the quality of your video. Any negative remarks could be legitimate criticism towards your event, so be mindful and take note of viewers’ feedback.


Once your live video ends, make sure to collect any crucial data from your viewers to see how you can make a better Facebook Live campaign in the future. Analyze your video’s performance by checking the number of likes, comments, and shares.




Incorporate Facebook Live with your social media marketing campaign to raise awareness and boost your online presence. Live videos are the perfect marketing asset for engaging with your audience. If you need help, get in touch with a digital marketing agency to know more about Facebook Live and social media marketing in general.


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