Manpower Tips 2: What makes a good SEO strategist?

Sep 11 2019

Manpower Tips 2: What Makes A Good SEO Strategist?

Written by Charisma Felix

Every process in every industry still requires the autonomy of human labour in spite of the feats that technology has achieved. Today in the digital age, most of our activities are done online: socialising, information dissemination, research, purchasing, and many more! These might have been done on a digital platform which has allowed us to have more time to do other things but there are still key persons behind every tool or process that has made our lives easier.



Since digital processes are utilised in almost all activities, it cannot be avoided that it will amass a big number of users. Because of this, businesses build their online presence and boost their brand online with the help of many strategies done by your reliable SEM agency. One of the many ways to boost your online presence online is by employing different ways to optimise the search engine. Once users look up keywords relating to your industry on the search engine, a good SEO strategy will place your website at the top of the results. Sounds too technical, right? It may sound technical and automated but behind this network of binaries are strategists from SEO companies here in Singapore. It is these thinkers who had set the elaborate digital processes in motion.


For those who are looking for the best SEO strategists out there or if you soon want to be an SEO strategist, here are a few things that make up the best one:



Common Skills Of An SEO Strategist

To start off, let’s first enumerate the skills that a good SEO strategist must possess. These are the tools with which your SEO strategist will do its magic in making you top the search engine results pages:


  • Keyword researching
  • Traffic and analytics assessment
  • Split-testing similar pages
  • Studying client’s competitors
  • Establishing natural backlinks
  • Boosting local search publicity
  • Developing strong CTAs
  • Collaborating with writers and designers
  • Programming
  • Expertise with WordPress, and other platforms. 
  • Creating effective ranking strategies
  • Researching innovative SEO strategies


These are just the tip of the iceberg. These are the common skills that SEO strategists must possess. With these skills, SEO strategists now have ample skills to boost the rankings of your online presence. But the thing with SEO and the digital space per se is it is always changing. These are good enough, but there are more things that an SEO strategist must possess. Just as the SEO industry is always changing, any SEO strategist or aspiring SEO strategist can become the best person who can rank different businesses up the search engine results.



Extra Responsibilities Of An SEO Strategist

An SEO strategist must be organised and must be willing to go the extra mile. Among the common skills that they must possess above, here are other responsibilities that they have to ensure:


  • Cooking up great content targeted at ideal customers
  • Providing visually appealing and engaging graphics and photos
  • Meticulous with keyword usage
  • Optimise mobile website experience
  • Establish quality backlinks from different credible sites
  • Strengthen the business’ local presence by creating citations
  • Pooling traffic from different sources on the Internet
  • Creating authoritative yet engaging and reader-friendly content



What Makes A Best SEO Strategist?

There has been an ongoing debate about what an employer must choose. Must you choose between skill or attitude? Well, since we are talking about the best SEO strategist here, why not choose both? Besides, we think that attitude and skill go both ways. With this, here are what makes an SEO strategist valuable:


1. Open To New Things

A good SEO strategist must be open-minded. They must always be open to new possibilities and do not underestimate. A valuable SEO strategist must always take initiative with what the account they are handling needs, even though the measures are extremely out of this world, yet still falls under white hat SEO. 


2. Loves To Learn

What we think is that learning stops the moment you think you know everything. SEO is more than that. Since it is always changing, you as an SEO strategist must always, always be thirsty to learn new things. A good SEO strategist is he or she who goes the extra mile in learning what they could. Even if they are in a certain position, they must always think that they are still starting from scratch each day.


3. Willing To Adapt

With the last point said, a good SEO strategist must still be able to assess the situation and not become overwhelmed with what they have learned. They must be able to have a wider perspective on the wide arena they are working on.


4. Unafraid To Experiment

You may have learned something new with the SEO industry, but if you have not put it into practice and experiment, these things might be in vain. An effective SEO strategist must be fearless yet smart in doing hands-on experimentation. Besides, how will you fully grasp something when you have not tried it out, yourself? A valuable SEO strategist is also a good leader who moves alongside their team.


Here are just some of the things of what we think a good SEO strategist is. They must be sharp, innovative, and eclectic. Given how expanding the SEO industry is, we would need someone who is firmly rooted in the current conditions, just like they are able to look straight ahead, carrying all the things they have learned in the past.


You might think that this SEO strategist does not really exist, but who knows? They can be you, an aspiring SEO strategist⁠—or someone you have already met, as a business who looks for a reliable SEO company in Singapore.

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