Google +: The Silent Hill Of Social Media

Fans of horror games and movies will be all too familiar with the fictional ghost town of “Silent hill”. It is, perhaps, one of the biggest and most popular survival horror games in the market and spans a large following across generations.


Like the fictional city of Silent Hill, Google + also share the same characteristics: it’s unknown,  abandoned save for a few people, and you can find little “gems” of useful insight.



Google +’s Unknown status

If you’re not familiar with Google +, it’s actually Google’s attempt at creating a social media platform.


Google conceived Google + in order to integrate all their products into a single social media platform, utilising their products to try and out-compete Facebook which was experimentally growing by the day.


Unfortunately, Google’s Google + project turned out to be a failure, unable to sustain its opening hype and dwindling into the abyss of internet unknown.


Now, there isn’t much hope in Google + making a comeback as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram reign leaders of social media.


The few people in the Google + System

If you’ve played the Silent Hill games, you’d have noticed that despite being a creepy, chilly, haunted town Silent Hill actually has a few local residents.


These residents have been long time residents of silent hill. And just like them, the few residents of Google + are long-time residents of the platform, usually those who have created groups and communities during the launch of the platform.


If you enter Google + now, you’ll still see a good number of communities up and running, mostly about food or photography and the arts.Thanks to these small communities, the platform managed to stay alive despite mass abandonment.



The “little gems of useful insight”

Silent Hill is a place with many dimensions, each with its own set of “little gems” that help build the back story of this scary, crippling place.


Much like the fascination of finding these little trinkets in the Silent Hill Games, finding the “little gems of insight” in the Google + platform is just as intriguing.


Because Google + had quite a hype at launch, Google + users left a few useful insights like tips, how-tos, and listicles on the platform that can prove useful for anyone willing to find them. This is, perhaps, the little ray of hop for the Google + platform.



Venture into Google +

Google +’s status as “abandoned” is widely known in the digital marketing and SEO communities, but that’s not enough to keep the platform from dying thanks to the little few communities that have created a bond with each other on the platform. Despite the fact that google put priority in the Google + platform, there’s till a small glimmer of hope that Google + may come back.


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