Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Jun 04 2019

Is Your SEO Strategy Working? Here are Ways to Monitor and Analyse

Posted by Aj Aviado ,

SEO strategies can be tricky. Although it is an effective approach to draw in leads and customers, it would be difficult to use these SEO strategies without carefully studying and analysing it. It might even be the cause of the downfall of a business if a marketer does not utilise it properly. Certain consequences such

Jun 03 2019

4 Steps to Writing an SEO-Friendly Blog

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As with any writing, creating blog posts takes skills – and more than ever, it’s crucial to make them appealing. If readers understand and find valuable information in your article, it’s likely that they’re much more inclined to share it and in return, increase your rankings. So, if you want to appear on the first

May 31 2019

User Behavior and how it affects SEO (Part 2)

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Like much of what we’ve previously talked about on the first part of this long epic story, giving people what they want based on their behavior will shape their decisions and therefore give you and your business additional traffic. There is no direct rule for this written anywhere, but logically speaking, all of this makes