May 14 2018

Look Who’s Talking: Chloe Cheah

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Let’s start the week with our Q&A series. Today, we are featuring the second helm of our Account Management team. This ever-enthusiastic gal shared how she handles some of her accounts, while managing to make it sound an exciting task. She’s more than just your average adorable, AM. She knows how to make things work. (Oh, and did we mention that she’s cute too?)

Here’s OOm’s Account Manager, Chloe Cheah!


Describe your role at OOm
Managing the accounts with professionalism no matter how big or small the scope is. Providing extra support for Serena, my direct manager to ensure the team is prompt in executing their accounts & datelines.


How did you end up in the digital marketing field? Tell us how you started in this career.
To be honest, when I went for the interview, I went with an open mind because I did not think that I would meet the criteria of the Account Manager role. I was previously in the events industry and I wanted to try something new altogether. Hence, why when I saw the opening, I decided to take the risk and try for the job.


Tell us about your biggest challenge in handling an account? How did you overcome that challenge?
The biggest challenge is definitely managing your client’s expectations and building good rapport with them. In the beginning, I always felt that my client’s relationship with me was pretty distant but as the months went by, I learnt that by initiating constant meet-ups, it helped to build that relationship.


Is there someone you consider as your mentor? What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from him/her?
I think since I started my job here, I would consider Serena and Wyvan to be my mentor. During my first few weeks in OOm, Wyvan constantly guided me on how to chair meetings, face clients and how to always have a “game plan” before I meet my clients. I think that has really helped me along the way to build my confidence to chair meetings on my own.
Serena, on the other hand, has always been the “motherly” figure to me. Her patience and compassion toward my difficulties or challenges has helped me to guide my fellow colleagues as well.


If you will compare yourself to a superhero, who would it be and why?
Hahaha! Hmm.. okay after Googling a bunch of superheroes, I think Emma Frost might be close to what I am? Her powers are to read minds and implant thoughts, and can influence people to do what she wants. I always have this thing about me whereby I am more sensitive toward people’s feelings and body language. Hence, my intuition about their feelings are about 80% accurate most of the time which helps me ‘cause I know when to joke and when to be serious with them I guess..?


As an account manager, what do you think is the best attribute that you need to possess in order to succeed in your job?
HIGH level of patience and perseverance. I emphasize high because it is a job that tests how well you can manage your temper and perseverance because the stress to handle accounts can take a toll on you, and you just need to know that “this too shall pass”. Haha!


What is the toughest task of an account manager, and how do you surpass it?
Handling multiple accounts at 1 go. I used to be someone who cannot multi-task but I realized that it is almost impossible not to multi-task in this job scope. I learnt that by staying calm and by writing down what I have to do helped me to get my thought process together. That way I won’t miss out the urgent items as well.


Do you have any skill that you faked ‘til you made it?
Can I say it here? Hahahaha! When my clients and I have built good relationship with each other, I can sometimes try and sound a bit more apologetic when I am not able to hand them something on time. So that’s where good rapport helps because your clients won’t blame you for something you aren’t able to execute on time 😉


What’s your guilty pleasure?
To be home early on a Friday night, catching up on shows I love in the comfort of my own bed.


What do you love about OOm?
I love the location of the current office. Hahaha! Just kidding. What I love most about OOm is the open culture. We don’t practice “hierarchical” culture here and so feedback is fairly open here. Our bosses are also our “friends” outside work so we constantly have gatherings on weekend to unwind together.

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