Social Media Statistics That Matter in 2020

Nov 25 2019

Social Media Statistics That Matter In 2020

Written by Lou Valenzuela

When optimising our websites and pages for the search engine, we always rely on the data that we have before we can plan for the best option. These numbers allow us to know the pulse of the general public within which we have deployed our campaigns. This will dictate if our campaigns were successful or if they needed some improving.


The same goes for social media. Social media might have a slightly different orientation from search engines, but you will definitely need to have the right numbers in order to grasp the arena where you choose to launch your campaigns. The digital space is moving in a fast lane so it is necessary to stay on track by the right statistics. With this, here are social media statistics that you can rely on as we enter 2020:



Social Media Users In 2020


First off, we must get to know the terrain where we will be working on. Today in 2019, social media platforms hold about 3.48 billion users in the world. It grew by 9 per cent since last year, accumulating an additional 288 million. In Singapore, 4.6 million users are active on social media which is already about 79 per cent of their population. Since studies see drastic increases in social media users today in 2019, they projected it to increase to almost 45 per cent.


The most active social media networks here in Singapore are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 82 per cent of Internet users access YouTube every month. This projection will be important in your campaigns in 2020. If you are planning to boost your brand on Facebook, you might actually have a high chance because many Singaporeans are even reached by ads with 4.3 million users. Of these users, there has been a rising number of video engagements: from 6.03 per cent in 2018, it spiked to 7.15 per cent.


For social messaging services, WhatsApp has been the most favoured one with 87 per cent of the market, followed by Facebook Messenger at 52 per cent. Skype and LINE, on the other hand, retains its current standing.



Leading Social Media Platform


Last October 2019, research has projected roughly 2.45 billion Facebook users all around the globe, with the said social media platform sitting at the top of the social media usage list. From this number, 4.1 million are in Singapore. In 2020, the largest social media platform is expected to spike at 4.5 million users in Singapore.





With our reliance on the digital space today for a wealth of reasons, it cannot be denied that we will see big numbers. For online media consumption, Netflix, being one of the most popular video streaming services around the world has garnered around 160 million subscribers in 2019.


Those are just a few of the overview. With this general knowledge, we now move to the largest social media platforms which are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:



Facebook Stats


Apparently, Facebook is the third most visited website in the world, next to Google and YouTube. For marketers who want to enter the digital marketing scene, they might as well consider entering Facebook. It is also the fifth most downloaded app in app stores next to YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.


Most Singaporeans choose to access their Facebook via mobile. The platform also holds about 85 per cent of penetration rate with the highest percentage from users aged 25 to 34 years of age. It will also matter in 2020 that 1 in 4 Singaporeans use Facebook even when they are watching TV.



Instagram Stats


Instagram continues its command by being the second most downloaded free app in the app stores, particularly in the Apple app store. It also holds a tenth place in being the most popular Google search. If we’re gonna talk about real numbers now, it might be right to start with the fact that 1 billion people use Instagram every month. As for Instagram Stories, about 500 million people enjoy what their followings have posted. Of these billion users, 63 per cent log in at least once a day. At the foreseeable start of a new decade, Instagram users will be on Instagram in about 28 minutes per day.



Twitter Stats


This bird app holds about 145 million daily active users that are potentially monetizable. Advertising on Twitter is actually promising because user engagement with Twitter ads had gone up at 23 per cent. If you are going to do this, it is good to tweet a video because it is 50 per cent cheaper in cost-per-engagement.


These numbers that tell how social media fare in 2019 will be important in knowing how we can start with 2020. With these handsome numbers, you would then know where and how to boost your brand and reach out to many users not only around Singapore but also around the globe. With this, you would need to have the right social media marketing partners who will help you strategise, like OOm.

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