May 17 2018

The Ultimate Guide to knowing if “Ultimate Guides” in SEO Work

Posted by Aj Aviado ,

Having to run a campaign without any idea on how to go about it can be very nauseating, most importantly when your bosses are hot on your tail. You’ve got to do everything you can in a really short period of time to save yourself from potentially getting fired.
SEO isn’t really that hard once you get the hang of it, honestly. The basic principles are, and have always been, the same for millions of years. That’s why, you shouldn’t really be panicking when updates happen. If you’ve been creating original contents to share information to the world and you know how to make your site more searchable, you’ll be fine.
But sometimes, you will always need to Google things. Granted of course that you’re not in front of your client.

Guideline Search results
Today, you’ll find dozens and dozens of articles telling you that they’re “the best list of SEO tips here in Singapore”. But, do they really work?
Let’s explore the different articles out there and let’s do our best to separate the ones that are actually useful and those that are meant to try and manipulate local rankings.
First of all, don’t worry. I won’t be over glorifying our very own set of guidelines here for SEO just to prove the point of my topic. But, dude, have you seen some of our daily blogs? We even have ones that get posted during the weekends!
Going back to the topic. Sometimes you can see intent in titles. There are times that it can be very obvious that a website, and probably the writer, is just there to attract readers and to gain traffic on their site. Say for example, if a blog section has entries with titles like:

Do ultimate guides in SEO work for the Singapore Market?

Singapore’s Best set of guides in using keywords.

Top 10 SEO content marketing techniques here in Singapore

Right out of the bat, if you’ve been doing SEO for quite some time now, you know that whoever does this is just trying to target local keyword rankings. But, okay. Let’s say that the titles are whack but the contents might be good. That is true. Sometimes we suck at titles, but the contents can be really good and useful.
And there you go that’s the end of this article.

But wait… There’s more.

Let’s go back to those titles. If the title says that it has Top 10 SEO content marketing techniques here in Singapore and there’s only 5 tips in it, you know something’s up. And for sure that it won’t be ultimately useful to solve your problem. You want a piece that actually has data and proof.

One way of trying to find out if an article is actually useful is to check out which “ultimate” guide is ranking the highest. Keep in mind that Google prioritizes content that is meaningful and are actually helpful to the public. Thank god for Google and its hellish and brutal algorithm updates. Because it filters out the trash and just serves the crisp and fresh content.
If you want to see which sites are the most trusted sources of all these guides related to the world of SEO, below are all of the best sites out there. (And the places I actually go to)

Google Webmaster Blog

Search Engine Journal
Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Watch

And if you’re already familiar with these sites, you’ll know what the most current updates in SEO will be. So if you ever stumble across articles that tell you to excessively use and spam blog comment sections with the links of your site, or if it tells you to stuff keywords, it might mean two things:

– That post is really old. Like 2005 or something. An ancient relic of the SEO world

– It’s most definitely not going to be useful.

To prove it, you can try these things and watch your website’s performance and your livelihood burn to the ground.
Now if you’re actually on the other end of the stick on this one, if you’re going to write some sort of guidelines, try not to use words that are too flowery. Instead, describe what the content is all about. Be honest. You can be funny and you can do your best to fulfil your inner stand-up comedian dreams with the titles. But you have to make sure that the content can carry the expectations set by it. Spread creativity not just on the title but all the way down to the contents of the article.

In essence, if you already know where to look, you’ll easily see which ones can actually be useful for you. Not because I stated the sites above would mean that they’ll be the ultimate list of sites to use as guides. There are still tons of resources out there. You just need to look for yourself. Studying how things work in SEO isn’t as scary as it seems. Updates only happen because people are still trying to manipulate how Google ranks things.

Learn the basics of SEO and you will never lose your way after that.

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