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Every establishment needs to grow, similar to how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. 


Small businesses in Singapore can rely on local SEO strategies to improve their web presence based on proximity. Marketing on a regional level is an ideal starting point for start-ups and small businesses. 


In this article, you will understand what local SEO is and the effective strategies that can help you optimise your website for local SEO. 




All brands begin with a few baby steps before they become successful. Big organisations such as UNIQLO, Sephora, Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, and Samsung all started from nothing, and now they dominate the international market. 


To have a strong digital presence like them, implement effective strategies to your digital marketing campaign with local SEO. It is the process of improving an online presence locally. A website can rank higher on local search results as it attracts local customers.


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Local SEO in Singapore is not much different from other SEO services, such as organic SEO. The only difference is its focus on enhancing online visibility on a regional scale to target local customers.

Approximately 97% of online search queries are for finding a local business or local service. That means most people use search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo!  to look for a nearby store or establishment.


But how does local SEO work? 

When a user searches for a business online (location included), the search engine will display results closest to the user. If you optimise your website for local search, your web page should rank higher on search engines if the user who is searching for the keyword is near to your shop or business.


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For instance, if you search for Five Guys + Singapore on Google, you will get the following results:



Local SEO and Organic SEO

If you optimise your website for local search for desktops and mobiles, you will get a better chance of ranking high on Google’s local search engine results.


To see the clear difference between local and organic SEO, check out the following example:


An Example Of Organic Search Five Guys

Notice the difference and how search engines can detect the lack of local intent from the user’s search input.

Users with local intent can search for your business immediately. You will have a higher chance of reaching local customers if your website is fully optimised for local SEO. To guarantee that, you should add key information such as your business’s website, address, contact number, opening hours, customer reviews, products or services, etc. as well as create product listing on your Google Business Profile settings.




Managing a local SEO campaign  incorporates methods that are similar to organic SEO. However, keep in mind that it can be slightly confusing to distinguish local from organic SEO techniques.


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Here are some of the ways to optimise your website for local SEO:


1. Use Google Business Profile 

A free platform that you must use to optimise for local SEO is Google Business Profile, previously known as Google My Business (GMB). It is an online shop listing that businesses use for managing their online presence across Google.  It enables your local customers to conduct a single search to find all the information they require about your company.


Below is an image of how a Google Business Profile looks when someone searches for something on Google. At one glance, potential customers can learn everything they need to know about a business, which can help a business persuade when and where they should visit.



Example Of Shop Listing


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Preview Of Google Business Profile


Here, you can engage with customers, discover their needs, and manage information about your business. Because of this, GBPis one of the most vital local SEO ranking factors that can help you improve your online presence. 


You can claim a GBPlisting by creating a Business Profile on Google. Afterwards, request for verification. Once Google has approved your Business Profile, you can display additional information on your listing so that more people can discover your business on Google Search.


Here is a GIF showing what our Google Business Profile looks like when one of our potential clients searches for ‘OOm Singapore’ on Google. The additional details in this GIF represent the full-suite digital marketing services we provide to our customers.



2. Create Local Content

Create Local Content


Content marketing will always be a key to improving search engine rankings, even for global search. When creating quality content, do not just focus on reaching a broad audience but also consider your niche and local customers. For local SEO, create contents that locals can relate to.


When writing blog posts, remember to conduct keyword research first that focuses on your niche targeting based on the search volume of the keywords. The keywords should be what the local audiences are searching for the most and related to your business. 


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Researching keywords with high search volume is also a vital component of content marketing. Once you have identified local keywords for your SEO strategy, insert them into your content seamlessly to make it seem natural and organic.


Example Of Press Releases


3. Submit A Press Release

Another effective local SEO strategy you have to do to help increase your web visibility is to submit press releases. Press releases are the official statement of a company that they send to news media about the latest happenings about them. 


If your press release gets published on reputable websites with a high domain authority, your website will earn quality backlinks. People who read the news media or organisation will come across your press release, which will help nudge them to visit your website and look  through the products or services that you offer. 


The more high-quality backlinks you get, the higher your search engine rankings will be. That is why you should make sure to include keywords and links to your website when drafting press releases. Doing so will help direct the readers to one of your web pages.


Here are some examples of published press releases.


4. Add A Detailed Contact Page

Being detailed as much as possible on your contact page can also help you increase your local presence. A detailed contact page gives valuable context to search engines and your potential customers will be able to find and/or learn more about your business. 


Add the following information to create a detailed contact page:


  • Your company’s official name.
  • The exact business’s address 
  • Your operating times.
  • The direction they need to go to visit your physical location
  • A link to a map of your company.
  • Your company’s contact details (phone number and email address).
  • A form for users to use to contact you


The screenshot below is an example of a detailed contact page. 


Example Of A Detailed Contact Page


5. Be Active On Social Media

Free, accessible, convenient—social media has everything you need to kickstart your campaign. Use multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, to target local customers and create quality content.

Social Media for Local SEO


For local businesses, it is also vital to choose the right social media platform. Since local customers are your target audience, try to pick a networking site where they will most likely be active. Here’s a short overview of the social media platforms you can try out:



Facebook has it all: news feed, messenger app, marketing tools, and many more. Not to mention, it is free, so you can kickstart your marketing campaign on Facebook without costing a lot of money along the way.


You will have a better chance of finding your local customers on Facebook. Also, once you create a Facebook page, remember to display their reviews of your business. That way, you can engage with your local customers and find out aspects of your business that require improvement.



The popular image-sharing site lets you publish ads and videos for building your brand image. Plus, you can tag your business location on Instagram whenever you are posting photos and videos. Your audience can discover the whereabouts of business anytime.



TikTok is another social media that has been taking the world by storm, but its main focus is sharing videos that can now last for 10 minutes long. With this allotted duration, you can engage with your local customers and share anything that might capture the attention of your potential customers. 


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Marketing your business on TikTok is an excellent idea since the platform works wonders to reach a new audience and gain more exposure. If your business’s target audience is Gen-Z or Millennials, then you should be on the platform that they are on. 



Another social media where you should be active in WhatsApp. Given that 98% of Singaporeans use WhatsApp as their main messaging application, the more you need to take advantage of WhatsApp for Business to promote your niche.


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If done successfully, you can expect your potential local customers to enquire with you  about your products or services. You can also input your business details such as location, opening hours and website URL on your WhatsApp For Business profile. This way, not only can they approach you for enquiries, they will also be able to visit your website via WhatsApp.




There are many SEO and SEM tactics available for your digital marketing effort. Most digital marketing techniques will always remain effective, and local SEO is one of them.

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