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Apr 17 2013

SEO is Here To Stay

Posted by Breachelle Bustria

You probably have read about SEO being pronounced dead from time to time, especially after Google dances to rebuild its ranking algorithm or right after a controversial tweet from Matt Cutts.

Apr 15 2013

How the latest Facebook updates are affecting your Fanpage

Posted by Immanuel Tang

As you may be aware, the recent Facebook (FB) updates of their posting mechanism has lead to quite a furore among the FB community. Many business owners, who leverage on FB’s Fan page to advertise, have gotten confused and irritated as they experienced a significant drop in their fan engagement. Edgerank – Facebook’s News Feed

Apr 11 2013

Decoding the Advertising Puzzle on Youtube

Posted by Immanuel Tang

Many people misses out that YouTube is the number two search engine used by people to search for products or services. Youtube has essentially taken over many other search engines to become one of the top search engines of choice. While you may have a great website with great content, its full search engine marketing

Apr 05 2013

How To Make Search Engines Love Your Website

Posted by Breachelle Bustria ,

While there are no hard and fast rules for determining a flawless SEO strategy, it’s still wise to seriously consider important factors towards ranking a website or when planning a SEO Campaign.

Nov 29 2012

Benefits of a good SEM Campaign

Posted by Immanuel Tang , ,

Have you ever considered using the internet to market your products? The internet is a fast growing medium for people to consume news and to do research for products. In an earlier article: Is Search Engine Marketing Really Important to Your Business, we learnt that 93.2% of internet users would actually go to the internet