User Experience Training: How to Measure Your Website’s Impact on Users

One aspect of search marketing which tends to be underestimated is user experience. Fortunately, Google stepped in and made it top priority amongst other things. If it wasn’t for Google, many websites would still take advantage of spammy links, poor web designs, and a bombardment of unfavorable results. From a business perspective, Google is a […]

The Age of the Customer: How to Get to Know Them Real Well

With today’s fast-paced digital world, there’s this very rare opportunity called loyalty. Customers have a lot of sources now to find better deals wherever it may be available, and there’s no stopping them—unless you got them hooked on you. So how do you do just that? It’s just like winning over the woman (or man) […]

Four 2014 Singapore Statistics Every Business Needs To Know

Only four? How would that help a business in Singapore? Try staring at a lot of numbers, would that make your head spin and just bang your head because you can’t absorb it all? So there’s just four important statistics, scalable enough for any business owner or marketer to take in. Each statistic has a […]